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James and Sylvia

James Kalal & Sylvia

James Kalal is a renowned acoustical guitarist who has played in venues around the world, as well as extensively all across the United States. James Kalal has recently been performing in some popular establishments in the Northeast Florida area. He resides in St Augustine, and has been seen at many public events and private engagements over the past 5 years.

His commitment to performing authentic/historic music has set him apart from other musicians in the First Coast area, and some of his recent “popular band playlist” appearances have occurred at locations such as Ocean 60, River House in Orange Park, Hurricanes in Fleming Island, and Whitey’s Fish Camp.

He has performed at Thrasher Horne Hall Fine Arts Centre, Orange Park with acclaimed acoustic guitarist, Sylvia Vidova & Laurie Cantrell , an outstanding Flamenco Dancer from Spain.

Many of his most memorable performances have taken him to world events, including famous locations such as:

James & Sylvia Information


  • Super Bowl XXXI (2005) opening festivities, Jacksonville, Florida
  • Menendez Festival, St. Augustine, Florida (attended by Juan Carlos and his wife Sofia, the King and Queen of Spain)
  • Costa Brava, 1992 Olympics, Barcelona, Spain
  • Octoberfest, Vienna, Austria
  • English Cotswolds (Lygon Arms, Broadway, UK)
  • The charming Goldener Hirsch, setting for the film Sound of Music in Salzburg, Austria
  • The legendary Harry's in Venice, Italy
  • The Ancient San Francisco Parador in Granada, Spain
  • The Rhone-Alps: L' Abbaye de Talloires, a 9th century monastery (now hotel) in the French historic village of Talloires on Lac d'Annecy
  • The Cote d' Azur, the quaint fishing village of Giens on the Mediterranean Sea
  • The Province at Saint Remy, Hotel Domaine De Valmouriani

What Our Customers Are Saying

I just wanted to drop a quick note and tell that James and Sylvia were phenomenal Thursday! I just wish I had more residents up and interested in coming! There were more staff than residents that attended. We were having such a great time! The two of them are very engaging and entertaining,… not to mention the talent! I was 100% pleased. I will definitely book them again in the future and I highly recommend them! I can’t thank you enough for finding them and making this a very special day for us.
Lindsay in Jacksonville, FL

'Palmetto Catz'

Richard Stratton, a member of "Palmetto Catz", was born in Westfield, NJ but grew up in Atlanta, GA starting age nine. That’s when he began playing the guitar. He studied music at the University of Georgia, where he received his bachelor’s (1980, cum laude) and master’s degrees (1981) in music composition. He attended the doctoral program in music composition at the University of Iowa 1981-1984.

Besides being a freelance musician he worked as a jingle writer for regional midwestern radio advertisers (1982-84), owned a guitar store/school in Iowa City, Iowa (1984-1995) and a fine dining restaurant on Amelia Island Florida (2000-2003).  See Richard's Agent Friendly Website for more information and to listen to a sample of their music.

See below the different versions of the "Palmetto Catz":

"Palmetto Catz" Quartet Members

Richard Stratton - Guitar & Lead Vocals

Tommp Gilstrap - Bass Guitar & Backup Vocals

Peter Miles - Drums

Barry Kelsey - Keyboard

"Palmetto Catz" Trio Members

Richard Stratton - Guitar & Lead vocals

Tommy Gilstrap - Bass Guitar and Backup Vocals

Peter Miles - Drums

"Palmetto Catz" Duo Members

Richard Stratton - Guitar & Lead Vocals

Tommy Gilstrap - Bass Guitar & Backup Vocals


John Urban

John Parker Urban was born in Flint Michigan but moved to Beaverton Michigan at the age of eleven where he attended choir and played for the Beaverton High School rock band. Being a self taught musician there is no doubt of his own style and tone. His influences stem from Randy Rhoads, SRV, Hank Williams Jr, Hendrix, Eric Johnson, and every musician he comes in contact with. John has opened for acts such as the Atlanta Rhythm Section. He truly believes that music is the universal language regardless of what style it is. John joined the Marine Corps after high school and has taken his guitar to every climb and place for the past 12 years.

Myrna Stallworth

Myrna Stallworth is emerging as a consistently engaging vocalist on the urban adult contemporary scene. Gifted with a strong, supple alto voice, Myrna has been influenced not only by R&B, but Jazz and traditional Pop - which gives her music a distinct adult sophistication. Born in Jacksonville, Florida Myrna gravitated to music at an early age. Her strict upbringing however meant that only gospel music could be heard throughout her childhood home. It wasn't until the age of 33 that Myrna felt the pull to pursue a secular musical career. Smooth and mellow, Myrna is an outstanding singer, songwriter, arranger, and performer - all rolled into a 6'-2" package.

Ray Lunn

Ray Lunn, originally from Kansas City, Kansas, has lived in Jacksonville, Florida since 1993. Ray started his musical addiction around 2001 when he was asked by a close friend to join an emerging band as a bass player. Like most guys out there, Ray was a closet guitarist who played just to himself and the radio until he got that offer. Ray’s powerful blends of rhythms and progressions come from a musical interest in rock, funk, soul, and blues when he picked up the electric guitar while in college. Ray has taken what he knows from the electric guitar and the many jam sessions with Jacksonville’s talented musicians and has made his own style of bass playing the thing you hear today. You will find Ray forming a rhythmic pocket locked in step with the drummer that takes the band and listener on an infectious musical ride. Ray’s philosophy and approach to the bass is to lock it in and let it go with the idea of taking the song and the listener on a musical journey full of surprising twist and turns.

Duane Washburn

Duane has been on the Jacksonville music scene for around 25 years. He has a balance of drum styles ranging from Jazz, R&B, Classic Rock, and Modern Blues. His influences include artists such as Buddy Rich, Buddy Miles, Steve Gad, and Steve Jordan. Butch Trucks of the Allman Brothers remains his favorite style to play. His strengths lie in is his diversity in style, and his experience at live performances. Duane hopes to enjoy many more years of soul satisfying music with the Parkstreet band.

Reeves Brothers

The Reeves Brothers

The Reeves Brothers have been performing Blues, Southern Rock, and Folk around Florida for over a decade and a half. Scott Reeves is a remarkable guitarist and vocalist. His soulful delivery has been compared to B.B. King and Stevie Ray Vaughan. Scott also performs as a solo act and fronts The Scott Reeves Band, a Blues Rock power trio.

Bob Reeves is an accomplished utility player. His ability to seamlessly play the congas, bass, harmonica, and rhythm guitar adds depth to Scott's guitar pyrotechnics. Bob's harmonica style has been compared to the likes of Little Walter and ''Fingers" Taylor.

Scott Reeves has been performing Blues and Southern Rock throughout Florida for over 25 years. His soulful delivery has been compared to B.B. King and Stevie Ray Vaughan, while his stage presence and guitar pyrotechnics have been compared to Edward Van Halen and Steve Vai. From playing in musical theater to studio session work, Scott's chameleon like ability to adapt to any type of music has made his guitar and vocal style eclectic. Scott also fronts The Scott Reeves Band, a Blues Rock power trio.

Stevie "Fingers" Rock Band